Satisfied Clients

I am still using the Profit Recovery Solutions

One of the major benefits that the auditors brought to me whilst I was Finance Director at Unichem was added value services.

I took comfort in the fact that if necessary I could call on a resource outside the company structure to enable me to resolve any issues that might arise. It was a fresh and experienced approach that I felt was sometimes lacking within the company.

Examples during my time included:-

  • The resolution of problems within our scanning system.
  • Reconciliation of supplier accounts that were beyond the experience of my AP team. On one occasion this resulted in a recovery in excess of 1 million pounds. The supplier concerned was actually claiming £4m from Unichem.
  • Another involved the reconciliation of a subsidiary’s Euro account. I was able to rely on the audit team to carry out this work until we were able to recruit. They then trained the individual for us.
  • Analysis of cash flow trends to enable me to prove to my Group Head Office that Unichem were not paying suppliers early to the detriment of cash.

These services were provided at cost with a small percentage added for management time and were instrumental in building what I considered to be a strong and effective partnership.

As proof of the above I am still using the Profit Recovery Solutions service

James Frost ex-Director of Finance at Unichem

Exceeded our expectations

Profit Recovery Solutions were brought in to review our payables to ensure we had not duplicated invoice payments and had properly accounted for the VAT.
In the short time they have been working for us they have exceeded our expectations on recoveries from suppliers with minimal comeback from them. Their approach is unique, in that they are able to work effectively offsite given that office space is at a premium at OfficeTeam Limited.
In the process of their reviews they have identified weaknesses in our internal control. This has enabled us to make changes both to our checking routines and the reports my staff use as the basis of the checking.
We have learnt from the experience and value the benefits their reviews have given.

Andrew Mobbs, Finance Director, OfficeTeam Limited

Recovered substantial amounts of monies

Profit Recovery Solutions (PRS) have recovered substantial amounts of monies – clearly their reviews have identified business processes which could be subject to improvement and we have those process amendments in hand. Their auditors have developed meaningful relationships both with our employees and our suppliers and merged into our corporate landscape seamlessly. They performed for me previously and have done so again!

CEO, Large Wholesaler in UK


Profit Recovery Solutions have worked well with us, they are a responsive and valued service provider whose professional and high-tech approach has achieved significant recoveries

Finance Director, Major Wholesaler in UK

Recovered in excess of £3.5m

My experience of Profit Recovery Solutions is excellent. They ran a successful audit for me at Unichem where they recovered in excess of £3.5m and then at Amtico they discovered weaknesses in systems that I felt we would not have discovered ourselves.
In addition to the audit at Unichem, they also brought added value in the form of assistance with complex reconciliations and were instrumental in resolving issues with our scanning system

James Frost, Finance Director, Newton Europe