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About Profit Recovery Solutions

A family business focusing on our core activity of Profit Recovery. We are an open minded, flexible and responsive company responsible to our clients, not to any shareholders.

We understand that businesses today have less staff and more work emphasising the need for systems and entries to be checked regularly, what better way than by a Recovery Audit that only attracts fees when recoveries are achieved.

Our Senior Auditors have a wealth of relevant experience within the recovery audit industry enabling us to discover and recover £ millions of hidden profits which go straight to our clients’ bottom line. Delay can mean lost profits and so by providing quick Profit Recovery solutions we can generate a positive cash-flow improving Client’s performance figures for the current period.

PRS is supported by the latest powerful and flexible analytical technology which offers the option for our auditors to work offsite for most stages of the audit. This makes the Audit less intrusive by reducing the impact on the day to day workloads and leaves the client’s staff free from interruption to complete their daily tasks.

When required on site our Auditors work closely and seamlessly with client staff following disciplined project management and reporting.

We can make regular client visits to discuss potential recoveries and to build a true business partnership.

PRS helps our clients strengthen their financial position by highlighting the areas where errors have been made, then follow up with detailed reports helping to avoid future losses through best practice recommendations to improve systems and the processes used by the client. Our approach delivers both immediate results and also bottom line improvements into the future by savings through improved processes.

What Is Profit Recovery?

In industries where there are many transactions with complicated pricing structures, some overpayments are inevitable

A Profit Recovery Solutions Audit involves:-

A systematic review of our clients’ systems, processes and financial transactions, identifying areas of potential overpayment and under-recovery.

Realising recoveries of lost profits that have “leaked” out due to the payment errors.

Making suggestions, providing detailed reports and working together with our clients to help minimise similar losses in the future.

Our Philosophy
  • Our work is entirely contingent on success i.e. no recovery, no fee
  • We perform all the work, but you, the client, retain control with complete visibility
  • Our team’s business experience and recovery specialisms add value way beyond pure cash recovery