Profit Recovery Solutions (PRS) provides Transaction Analysis & Recovery Solutions that can make Substantial Recoveries with immediate Cashflow Benefits increasing your bottom line Profit.

What our clients say…

PRS helps businesses to recover payments made in error to increase their profits. Our core activity is Profit Recovery for the client and to do this effectively we remain open minded, flexible and responsive to our clients, not to shareholders.

Businesses today have less staff and more work emphasising the need for effective systems with regular checks. What better way to check than to commission an independent Recovery Audit that only attracts fees for the recoveries achieved thus giving protection to the Client and building a true relationship.

PRS offers the option for our auditors to work offsite for most stages of the audit making the Audit less intrusive by reducing the impact on the day to day work. This leaves the client’s staff free from interruption to complete their daily tasks.

Remember the recoveries achieved enhance the current performance figures for the business and provide an unexpected lump sum, a welcomed benefit.

PRS starts the review with a statement audit that requires only a limited input from the Client and enables us to assess if a comprehensive review is likely to find those hidden profits and provide the many benefits to the client.

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